11 Signs You May Have A Dairy Sensitivity & What To Do About It

Foods that contain dairy products can be excellent to meet your daily calcium and protein needs, but sometimes you may encounter a negative reaction, often a stomachache, among other symptoms. Not all people can tolerate it, and knowing the signs of dairy allergy can be helpful in communicating with your body’s response and taking immediate steps to eliminate distress. In addition, with all the alternative dairy options of today, it is easy to find a healthy and delicious alternative.

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As a certified health coach, I work with clients to learn how their bodies respond to certain foods and when it is appropriate to try a different lifestyle and lifestyle. I often find that my clients feel sick when they eat dairy products, and it takes a bit of trial and error to see if there is an allergy. Of course, lactose intolerance can be easily diagnosed, but sometimes the body feels emotional and differs from some food groups without a clear understanding of the cause. Your instinct can help you enjoy more health and comfort during the day, and eliminating the diet can produce surprising results when it comes to feeling about yourself. Here are 11 signs that you may be allergic to dairy products and what you should do about it.

1. Acne

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By email with Bustle, Liz Traines, a healthy lifestyle coach, expresses that acne can be a sign of dairy intolerance or allergy, and she herself has noticed clearer and more sensitive skin by eliminating dairy products from your diet If you are prone to ignition and pimples, it may be due to dairy products, so try to reduce food intake and see if that makes a difference in your skin.

2. Body Aches

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“The sensitivity of dairy can appear in many different ways because about 80% of our immune system is within reach,” advises Diane Sanfilipo, certified nutrition consultant and best-selling author of Practical Paleo by email with Bustle. “This means that anything that irritates our digestion can affect any other normal function of the body and cause hair loss,” adds Sanfilipo. Sometimes, dairy can be a catalyst for stomach upset.

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