10 Hairstyles That Will Knock 10 Years Off Your Age

Did you know that a quick trip to the salon could make you look years younger? It’s true! The right hairdo can boost self-confidence and give you healthier hair. So ditch the anti-aging creams and cancel those monthly Botox treatments. Here’s our top 10 Hairstyles That’ll Knock 10 Years Off Your Age.

10. Shoulder-length Hair

Image Source: hairstyles9.org

Long hair can look limp and lifeless while short hair accentuates the appearance of facial wrinkles. The remedy for this conundrum can be found in a medium-length haircut. This particular style works best on mostly-straight hair; however, naturally wavy or curly hair can achieve youthfulness with a similar cut just above the shoulders.


9. Highlights

Image Source: slodive.com

Highlighting your hair is both flattering and face-framing – if done right. A little color can add warmth while shedding years. Highlights work best with a subtle ombré. Just make sure not to overdo it; too much over processing damages hair and looks like overcompensating.


8. Dark hair

Image Source: castilloruthwen.blogspot.com

Nothing is more dramatic to the eye than a dye job. Many of Hollywood’s starlets have seen a dramatic age decrease after dying their luscious locks. Go for a rich chocolate brown, as seen on Emily Blunt. The color is vibrant, youthful, and warms up lighter complexions.


7. Side-swept Bangs

Image Source: pinterest.com

Spend too much time worrying about deepening forehead wrinkles and Crows Feet? Long, side-swept bangs might be key to prolonging your youthfulness! Bangs paired with a deep-side part creates an over-the-shoulder look that’s young, fun, and flirty, while hiding any unwanted blemishes.


6. Curls and Waves

Image Source: therighthairstyles.com

For longer hair, tousled curls and gentle waves just might be the trick to keeping you young. Curls and waves add body to the roots, making your hair look both natural and full. To soften your face, just soften your ends!

5. Pixie Cut

Image Source: prettydesigns.com

If you want a low-maintenance yet youthfully refreshing ‘do, you can’t go wrong with the pixie haircut. A short, textured cut requires minimal styling and even less time needed in front of the mirror. Follow Judi Dench’s lead: the simple and chic pixie cut is the way to go.


4. Layers

Image Source: stylebistro.com

It’s a known fact: hair gets flatter with age. To knock those pesky years off, ask your stylist for subtle layers. They frame your face and give your hair shape to make it appear fuller. The best part? Layers never go out of style.

3. A-line Bob

Image Source: modishcut.com

For an instant anti-ager, consider an A-line bob. An asymmetrical trim gives movement to the lifeless and volume to the thinning. Personalize your bob with a side part to emphasize your best facial features.

2. Make It Shine

Image Source: cooleasyhairstyles.com

Oil production decreases as you age, leaving your once healthy hair dull and dry. It’s especially noticeable on longer hair. To prevent it from aging you, simply keep your hair shiny. By using a shine-inducing shampoo/ conditioner regiment regularly, you can resuscitate your hair and knock years off your age!


1. Low Ponytail

Image Source: hair-andthere.blogspot.com

This last hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular with celebrities. Get in on the low ponytail trend, a quick and simple style that can be mastered at home! Keep your pony low and loose – singling out a few face-framing strands – to achieve a look that is elegant but not severe and dated (two age giveaways). There’s no denying it: your face and hair change as you age. But don’t let that stop you from looking and feeling younger than ever! Chase away Father Time with one of our top 10 hairstyles and transform into a more youthful, confident you!