Woman makes urgent appeal after seagull flew off with her pet chihuahua

Seagulls are known to turn and take things. Anyone who tried to taste a basket of fries can testify. Now a desperate British family is looking for their dog after the seagulls have hijacked the animal. The terrible ordeal happened in their backyard. Seagulls carried their dog (called Gizmo) before their eyes.

We cannot imagine the horror we should have seen. Social media owners have asked to provide full details on this issue. The story was also chosen by the national media. Becca Hill is the owner of the dog. She says she has heard of stories like this in the past. Like most people, I assumed it would not happen to him.

Her partner has sometimes hung clothes to dry them. There was no chance of saving the dog. The family now wonders if the animal has fallen somewhere and if it is still alive. The information about the dog was transmitted to social networks. We cannot believe that this bird will do something very cruel. What can a seagull want with this dog?

Officials roam the region. There is still no sign for the dog. Peter Rock is a seagull expert working at the University of Bristol as a bird doctor. He warns other dog owners that they will not have to suffer the same fate. Rock says these gulls will target the animals they catch and are known to harm pigeons.

Gulls will also tear ducks from their members to their members. For this reason, dog owners should take proper precautions. Those with smaller dogs should not leave pets unattended. A younger dog like Gizmo can become a meal for seagulls looking for a snack. A dog was clicked to death by these birds in the same neighborhood recently.

Of course, this information does not provide much comfort to this family during their hour of need. They are now forced to mourn the loss of their little dog. Please share this story to raise awareness of these types of concerns. We hope that no other dog owner will ever experience this kind of sadness again. No animal deserves such a fate.