Dog walks 125 miles with ‘tears in her eyes’ to find owner who abandoned her

We don’t deserve dogs – simple and simple. Recently, a poor dog traveled 125 miles to return to the home you know, with an owner who got rid of it terribly after only a few months of acquiring it.
Manora, or Maru by his nickname, is a large bull bought from Ala Morozova, a breeder from Novosibirsk, Siberia, by a couple when she was a five month old puppy.

Six months later, the owner called the house to tell her that she no longer wanted Maru because she was “sensitive”.

The couple put Maro on a train with a flight attendant so that she can be sent back to her breeders.

However, the train trip turned out to be a scary and shocking experience for Marrow. The poor dog suffered a panic attack when he stopped the train, 200 km from her home, at a station in Akhensk.

“The dog jumped to the cabin door, kicked the handle to open it, and threw the connector away from the road. He jumped like a bullet. When he opened the door on the platform, I jumped in the night, “a breeder Morozova told the Siberian Times.

Maru obviously wanted to go home, but unfortunately she didn’t understand that she was deserted because she was spam.

Maru did not look back after leaving the train.

Its former owners have learned that Maru has disappeared, but Morozova said they don’t care and don’t want to have anything to do with it, and are less boring in its search.

Instead, no one bothered them and they were careless.

“It pissed me off. The owners weren’t upset at all, for example, the dog was lost and it’s okay. That was their response.” They gave the dog and the lamb fell from their shoulders. ”

Morozova immediately started looking for Maru.

Maru was finally found near her former home after about 48 hours while trying to locate the owners.

“She has been walking and running for two and a half days. Fortunately, no bear has eaten her and wolves have not chewed her.

When she was found, Maru was in very poor condition. It looked like she was crying.

Volunteers found her in an industrial area. The dog was very tired. She was lame and her legs were broken. Damaged platforms. His muzzle was broken. Maruzova said: Maru fell from the railway bridge.

“She did not escape to Novosibirsk, she wanted to return home. Surprisingly, she was on the right track.”

Maru is now receiving treatment for all of his injuries. We hope that soon you will get the love and care you deserve with a loving family. We send Marrow with all our love and kind energy for his recovery and his future.