Discover the 7 reasons why men like women with short hair

The idea that men consider women with long hair more desirable as a partner is a fact supported for decades by examples from popular culture and evolutionary psychology. However, one study suggests that short hair is associated with other aspects of female attractiveness – but not worse. Long-haired women are considered “healthy” and “smart”, and short-haired women are considered “loving” and “feminine”. In the end, it’s all about preference. There are many more reasons why some men are attracted to short-haired women. We have delved into the male psyche to determine several aspects that make men consider short-haired women attractive.

1. Short hair attracts more attention

Short hair styles stand out from the rest, so men tend to notice them. According to the information we have been able to gather, many men who prefer women with short hair, claim that this type of hairstyle is not as common as long hair and that makes it special. If a woman can wear a pixie haircut, it can be irresistible and undoubtedly draw attention.

2. The face and neck look better

You may have noticed that in many fashion shows the models wear their hair up and try to give maximum light to their face. This is because hair can be distracting and hide female features. Men seem to agree with this idea, they think that the face and neck are very attractive attributes for them and that short hair makes feminine beauty shine. Phrases like the following are what we have been told: “I don’t always find it attractive, but it makes the cheekbones and facial structure look pretty good. If you look closely at the face to determine the attractiveness, this may be a reason” “I think a big factor is how the neck and jaw shape stand out.


3. Short hair reminds them of attractive stars

Many famously imposing women have worn pixie cuts, which creates a favorable association in the male mind. When asked if they like women with short hair, many men make an example of celebrities, which is favorable for other women to know who to draw inspiration from.


4. Women with short hair need less time to get dressed

Think about how long it takes to style long hair. It can be a real struggle of blow dryer, iron and curling iron, added to the price of styling products, which men consider exorbitant. Men hate it when women take too long to get ready. Conclusion: short hair is good for everyone.

5. Short hair gives a sense of security

Not every woman is willing to experiment with short hair. Changing your look is always a risk, as we don’t always get the expected result and once we cut it, there’s no going back! It takes courage and, more importantly, confidence. Men are attracted to women with high self-esteem and short hair is a sign of that.


6. It does not hinder

Interestingly, men claim that a big advantage they like about short hair is when it comes to cuddling. They don’t like their partner’s hair getting in their mouth and eye. Besides, they also prefer not to find hair scattered in the shower, on the sheets, on the clothes, you can find hair everywhere, as far as you can imagine. It’s very practical!


7. It usually means that a woman cares about her appearance

Last but not least, a short hairstyle does not happen by accident. If a woman bothers to choose a good haircut and keep it, it means she takes good care of herself. This is very important for men, as it shows that a woman is interested in taking care of her appearance. Do you prefer long or short hair in women? And for women: have you noticed a difference in men’s attention based on the length of your hair?