Skin Care Products: Steer Clear of These 5 Ingredients

Understanding how the ingredients, both chemical and natural, can affect our health and well-being is very important. Not only the ingredients of our food (The Scary Seven ™ is a complete list of the seven worst ingredients in food, the main criminals to pay attention to when scanning food labels), but also the ingredients found. in skin care products that we place in our body.

Hidden dangers in personal care products

One of the most dangerous chemicals in personal care products is 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogen recognized by the FDA. The most scary aspect, according to Pollock, is that this “dangerous chemical is never included in an ingredient declaration”. However, it is possible to recognize the presence of this chemical because there are 5 ingredients that will actually appear on the list indicating the presence of this carcinogenic chemical.

Alternative natural ingredients

Most natural health product companies choose alternative ingredients, rather than opt for the cleaning phase of the ethoxylation process. In part, this is because, as with the -eth ingredients, these particular ingredients are simply not required to produce a quality product. The ingredients -eth are surfactants, generally used as foaming agents. While the public is usually accustomed to the action of foam, which many see as a sign that the product is “doing its job”, there are actually just as effective cleaning products without this “foamy” action. . Think about dishwashers and washing machines. Both are powerful and effective cleaners, however, there would be a lot of damaged soils if the cleaning agents of these machines produced foam. Foam is simply not an indicator of better cleaning action and is an excellent example of the fact that these hazardous chemicals are simply not needed.

The top 5 ingredients to avoid in David Pollock personal care products are a great starting point for those wishing to clean up their personal care routine. Think about long-term health when choosing personal care products: a few extra dollars spent now can save you a lot more in the future.

Ingredients to avoid

According to Pollock, the 5 best ingredients of personal care products to avoid are:

1. polyethylene
2. polyethylene glycol
3. PEG (a common abbreviation for the above)
4. Any ingredient that ends with -eth (ie Laureth sulfate)
5. oxynol
These ingredients are found in all areas, from shampoos to body wash products to toothpaste and shaving gels.

These five carcinogenic chemicals are created by a process called ethoxylation that produces dangerous 1,4-dioxane as a by-product. What is interesting, although discouraging, is that with an additional step manufacturers can clean 1,4-dioxane, which makes the ingredient safe. Unfortunately, as with many aspects of modern life, the cost is greater than health. If manufacturers were to undergo this additional step, it would increase costs by about 10% on average.

As indicated in the radio program, it seems difficult to determine whether a 10% increase is worthwhile for the health of the public. However, in the world of consumption, manufacturers are fighting for available space and price is an incredibly influential factor. Many of the products containing these ingredients are relatively inexpensive. Pollock asks if it is worthwhile to commit an increase of 30 cents or even a dollar for health. Although you can save money today, will you be paid later with your well-being and the huge costs of medical care, especially cancer treatments?