6 Exercises That Can Make Your Work with the best Way


Nutrition begins in the liver. When we think of vital organs, many people do not usually think about the liver immediately, but it is responsible for transforming the nutrients in our diet into substances that our body can actually use. It is important to stay strong and healthy so that it works as well as possible. We can do it by practicing certain exercises that stimulate it.

Join our FullnessBuzzz team to try these 6 exercises you can do at home to improve the performance of your liver.

1. Stretch Your Legs Over Your Head To Stimulate Your Liver.

This stretching movement stimulates the functioning of the liver by working the torso and facilitating circulation. This will prepare your liver to better capture the nutrients contained in the foods you have eaten during the day.
How to do:
• Lie on your back and place your arms along your body, palms facing down.
• Lift the legs keeping them straight.
• Now slowly lift them over your head until your feet touch the floor behind your shoulders.
• Hold this position for one minute, then slowly return your legs to the starting position.

2. Try The Torso Twist Pose To Improve Circulation.

Twisting your body requires a lot of effort to help the circulation and good oxygenation of the liver. The organ will receive an increase in energy and will direct each nutrient that it has consumed to where its body needs it.
How to do:
• Sit on a soft but firm surface with your legs crossed and your back straight.
• Grab your left knee with your right hand.
• Place your left hand on the floor behind your back while pointing to the right.
• Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then turn and do the same movement on the opposite side.
• Repeat 5 times on each side.

3. Do The Leg And Spinal Twist To Oxygenate The Liver.

This exercise will put some pressure on your liver, which will act as a massage and provide oxygen to the liver, helping you stay healthy.
How to do:
• Sit on a soft but firm surface with your legs crossed. Keep your back straight.
• Lift the left leg, bend it and place the foot near the right knee. You will feel that you exert a small amount of pressure on the liver.
• Place your right hand on your left foot, pointing outwards.
• Place your left hand on the floor behind your back while watching.
• Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then turn and do the same movement on the opposite side.
• Repeat 5 times on each side.

4. Contract And Relax Your Stomach To Toughen Up Your Liver.

As your training contracts and relaxes your midsection, exercise your organs, including the liver. By doing a few daily exercises, you will tone your liver, improve blood circulation in the area and make it more resistant to your daily stress, so during these days, you can still do a good job.
How to do:
• Lie on a soft but firm surface, bend your right knee slightly and place your left foot on it.
• Raise your arms. Bend the right arm and place the palm of the right hand over the ear.
• Move your body slightly to the right while contracting your heart. Hold this position for 2 seconds.
• Return slowly to the starting position and relax your stomach completely. Rest for 5 seconds, breathing deeply.
• Repeat 20 times on each side.

5. Do This Anti-Stress Position & Manual Pressure Trick To have the best workout

This position will allow your liver to relax while receiving manual stimulation with a massage, which will promote its optimal functioning. It’s like giving the liver a break to work with more energy.
How to do:
• Place on the right on a soft but firm surface.
• Bend your knees slightly to feel your abdominal muscles already relaxed.
• Put your hand in the liver area. Now add a little pressure and massage the organ for 10 seconds.
• Return your arm to its initial position for 10 seconds.
• Repeat 20 times on each side.

6. Try The Qigong Chinese Arms Rotation To Relax The Liver.

In traditional Chinese medicine, stress and bitterness can cause a physical imbalance of the liver, causing pain. This exercise will relax the muscular tension and will fight the fat adhered to the liver, which will allow you to have a better performance and to relax.
How to do:
• Spread your legs shoulder width apart and bend your knees a little. The arms should rest along your body.
• Raise your arms towards your shoulders with your palms facing the sky, so that one is in front of your body and the other behind your body.
• Lift your arms and look up at the sky.
• Bring your arms to the previous position and reverse the position of your arms. Whoever was in front of your body should be behind your body and vice versa.
• Repeat 50 times.
Which of these exercises would you like to try? Do you mind taking care of your liver while exercising? Give us your opinion in the comments section!