10 Food That Might Be Speeding Up Your Aging Process

If you thought sun exposure, stress, and smoking were the only things to be concerned about when it came to accelerating the aging process, think again. A lot of meals include toxins that may speed up the rate at which we wrinkle. You are what you eat, and this is true whether you’re talking about your heart, waistline, or skin. To improve general health and lengthen lifespan, dietitians emphasize the significance of consuming essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

1. Sugary Items

Sugar harms your skin through a natural process known as glycation. Advanced glycation end products, or AGEs, are dangerous free radicals that are created when the sugar in your blood binds to proteins (AGEs). As AGEs accumulate, they destroy the proteins that surround them. Collagen and elastin, which form the foundation of your skin, are the proteins that are most susceptible to harm. These proteins maintain skin’s firmness and elasticity and are what give a healthy, youthful complexion its traits of plumpness and bouncy skin. Your collagen and elastin become stiff, dry, and brittle as a result of AGEs, losing their elasticity.

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