Seniors Shouldn’t Eat These Deadly Foods

4 – Processed meats
Food tray with delicious salami pieces of sliced ham sausage tomatoes salad and vegetable – Meat platter with selection – Cutting sausage and cured meat
If you’re a carnivore, it may be hard to give up tasty deli sandwiches or cured meats to go with your wine and cheese, but the benefits definitely outweigh the cancerous risk. Processed meats are created with excessive salt and chemicals that damage our health. A study over 13 years showed that 1 out of 17 people died who ate 160 grams of processed meats. That’s 44 percent risk of cancer, as opposed to people who ate 20 grams or less. These meats are so packed with preservatives to look fresh, but they are well-known carcinogens, including the same things found in cigarette smoke.

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